Joy's Dinner Menu {week 3}

Just a note here:  This menu includes a full five days of dinner ideas, but realistically, in our family we have days that are filled with softball games or late carpools when it is difficult to make a full recipe with little time. On those evenings, we have left overs or Annie's mac n cheese and whatever fruit and veggies we have in the fridge.  But I love to have ideas in my head for something to whip up when I do have time, therefore I am offering you a complete week's worth of menu inspiration!
I do hope you find new ideas of dishes to cook for dinner that you and your family will enjoy on some of these weekly menus~
*For recipes, click on the title of the dish above the pictures below*


Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti -- all you need are 6 simple ingredients for this comforting and delicious dish! | gimmesomeoven.com


Simple, vegetarian Thai green curry recipe featuring asparagus, carrots and spinach! cookieandkate.com


Sesame Ginger Salmon - A super easy salmon dish bursting with so much flavor, and it's hearty-healthy too!



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