Laduree Macaroons from France!

My mom and I just returned from an amazing adventure together in France. We spent six lovely days at an art and yoga retreat in a wonderful bed and breakfast in Provence followed by four fun and full days in Paris. We discovered a Laduree shop known for their macarons close to our hotel in the San Germain district of Paris and were excited to try their famous cookies. 

I always thought macarons were made with coconut, and since I dislike coconut, I avoided them. While in France I learned that macarons are a sweet meringue-based confectionery made with egg whites, sugar, ground almonds and food coloring and that they are most commonly filled with buttercream or jam. Apparently it is the English macaroon that includes coconut, so once I tasted a French macaron, I was a total fan!  

Laduree has many choices of flavors and we brought home a selection in several boxes for our family to try. We did not realized that each little cookie at 1.5 euros a piece were $2.50 each. Therefore, each little bite is tres chere in more ways than one!

Ladurée Bonaparte (6th arrondissement )
21 Rue Bonaparte
Each window had such amazing displays
Look at all those flavors~ my favorite was Pistache

Just a few macarons that we brought home from Paris left...

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