Burrata Cheese Appetizer

Have you ever tried Burrata Cheese? My mother and father-in-law discovered this tasty cheese on their recent trip to Italy and I loved it when they shared it with us during their last visit. It essentially is a cheesy ball (actually shaped like a little bag) that has an outer sheath of solid mozzarella that surrounds a soft inner mixture of mozzarella and cream that has a spreadable consistency. It is a delicious appetizer and was fun to cut open and spread on slices of fresh bread. We drizzled the ball with olive oil, a sprinkling of kosher salt, a grind of pepper and ground pistachios (since the cheese is a little bland) and served it with ciabatta bread. It also tastes great with a drizzling of balsamic reduction sauce. Enjoy!
You can find Burrata in specialty stores 
and even Trader Joe's 
(but the Italian imported kind is much better)
See how the ball looks like a little pouch?

Burrata tastes great spread on a slice of fresh bread or toasted crostini

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