Lunch in Provence

Lunches in Provence at Le Lavandin were just as special as our wonderful breakfasts. A glass of crisp Rose wine accompanied most of our lunchtime meals. 

For our first lunch, Georgia served slices of chevre with delicious olive oil and rosemary and bay leaves from her garden. We got a kick out of her choice of accompaniment to the cheese- bugles! We just stuffed a little bit of herb-infused cheese inside the bugle and each bite was truly delicious!

The main course was Soupe au Pistou- vegetable soup with a dollop of pesto on top- healthy and satisfying! And then for a very refreshing last course, pear with St. Agur cheese and red peppercorns. We loved our Provencal meals~

Chevre with olive oil and fresh herbs

Ever thought of serving bugles with chevre? It works!
Soupe au Pistou
Pears with St. Agur cheese and red peppercorns

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