Baked Potato Bar = One Easy Dinner!

 I just love dinners that are easy to make and please everyone in my family- a baked potato bar is one of those meals. For our baked potatoes last night, we enjoyed just the basics for toppings, but they sure were tasty. There are so many flavorful toppings you can add to make this easy meal delicious- have fun getting creative! 

Bake russet potatoes directly on oven rack at 400° for 50-60 minutes until soft. Split in half and add the toppings you love.

Topping Ideas:

►grated cheese (cheddar, monterey jack, fontina)
►ricotta cheese
►feta cheese
►cottage cheese
►melted brie
►grated parmesan
►crumbled blue cheese

►bacon bits
►cubed ham
►pulled pork
►taco meat

►green onions
►chopped chives
roasted broccoli
►sauteed mushrooms
►diced avocado 
►diced tomatoes
►steamed asparagus
►grilled onions
►roasted red peppers
►black beans

Other Toppings
►sour cream (we used fat free sour cream last night and it was great!)
►nuts (like sunflower seeds, toasted walnuts)

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