Simple Summer Dinner on the Deck

We just returned from a fantastic July 4th celebration with family in Tahoe. Since we brought all the fresh produce we had to the mountains, when we got back our refrigerator was woefully empty. One of my daughters and I made a quick run to Costco to stock up on basics and also found all the ingredients we needed to make a delicious, easy to make dinner. Since my kids love Evergood Pineapple Sausage, we picked up a pack as well as some shucked corn on the cob, a bag of broccoli florets and ripe roma tomatoes. 

All we needed to do for dinner was grill the sausages for a few minutes, steam the broccoli, cut the corn from the cob and saute in butter with salt and pepper a la Ina (how decadent is that!?), and drizzle the sliced tomatoes with reduced balsamic sauce and fresh oregano. This simple summer dinner on the deck was delicious!

These sausages are awesome!

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