Trader Joe's Grilled Pizza

I have never made grilled pizza, nor would I have tried it, had my stove/oven not been broken for the last few days. I had a bag of Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza dough in my fridge that needed to be cooked before expiration and hungry girls for lunch. So I did a little research and took the plunge and made a pizza on my barbecue. It cooked very quickly and despite getting a little charred in spots, tasted amazingly delicious. I am posting this as my first attempt at grilling pizza and look forward to following up someday when I get really good at it! Just keepin' it real for you all :)

Grilled Trader Joe's Pizza
1 package Trader Joe's whole wheat or regular pizza dough
1/4 cup Trader Joe's Pizza Sauce (or more if you like it saucier)
1/2 cup Trader Joe's Grated Mozzarella Cheese (or more if you like it cheesier)

Heat grill to medium high heat. Take dough out of refrigerator- dust counter with flour and rest dough on top of counter for 20 minutes. Stretch dough to pizza shape and brush with olive oil. Put on rimless baking sheet for easy deposit on your grill and place the dough, oil-side down on the grill with top down for two minutes. Flip over and put sauce on quickly and sprinkle with cheese. Close grill for another minute or until cheese is melted and then remove. Slice and enjoy!

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  1. Kudo's to you for really keeping it real! I need to try this on our grill.