Roasted Herb Potatoes and Snap Peas

I love figuring out techniques to streamline the cooking process when making dinner as well as ways to dirty fewer dishes! This is a great way to cook two veggies at once, all in the same pan with yummy results.

Roasted Herb Potatoes and Snap Peas

1½ pounds fingerling or small roasting potatoes
6 cloves garlic, unpeeled
3 tablespoons olive oil
several sprigs of fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme
kosher salt and pepper
1 pound snap peas

Toss potatoes in a bowl with garlic, olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper. Sprinkle baking sheet with a  little olive oil and place potatoes on baking sheet. Put snap peas in same bowl that the potatoes were in and swirl around in the left over olive oil and sprinkle with a bit more salt and pepper. Place on other side of baking sheet.

Place baking sheet in 450° oven for 10 minutes, then remove snap peas and put into serving bowl. Put potatoes back in oven and bake for 20 more minutes or until potatoes are tender.

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