Christmas Kahlua

I love making and sharing home made goodies for holiday gifts. My favorites are Garlic Rosemary Almonds and Peanut Brittle because not only are they delicious, but they are also quick and easy to make. This year I added special beverages to my gifts- they are another easy to make gift (although they take some "steeping" time) and are fun to package! I gave my husband a taste of this Kahlua and he said it tasted like the real thing~

Christmas Kahlua

3 1/4 cups sugar
1 vanilla bean, diced
2 oz. instant coffee
1 Fifth of Brandy
3 cups boiling water

Put vanilla bean in sterile bottle. Boil water, stir in coffee and sugar. Let cool and add brandy. Pour into bottle and cap tightly. Put in a dark closet for 30 days. Strain and re-bottle in new sterile bottle.

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